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Fine Resins of Frankincense & Myrrh



Royal Green Hojari


We are honoured to offer green -royal hojari (Boswellia Sacra) at reasonable prices directly from Oman. 

  •  Emits simply wonderful fragrance with citrus notes when burned.

  • This is a medicinal grade resin which is edible. Can be chewed or steeped in water.

  • Tears of bone white and of greenish tint. 


 9 USD per 1oz (28 gm) 


Premium White 


Grade: Premium Hojari
Origin: Dhofar region, Oman
Type: Boswellia sacra
Description: White, pale lemon and translucent tears. Excellent fragrance when burned. This resin is also edible and is pure with no bark.

 6 USD per 1oz (28 gm) 



This is a high quality Myrrh, an ancient spice with fragrant and medicinal properties, from Yemen. The resin be chewed or made into an oil. 

It´s known for its wound healing qualities, and  is traditionally used for mouth infections and for skin smoothing. 

 7 USD per 1oz (28 gm) 












Magseel Frankincense is darker in colour and is sometimes called ´black´ frankincense. Magseel is excellent for making oil. The name is derived from the costal area where the trees are located. The extra humidiy from the sea gives the resin the oily texture. It is also excellent for everyday burning. 


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